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In Episode 16, Kate asked us how to get grass stains out of her son’s little league uniform. So naturally, we asked “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas. His response? Keep ‘em dirty. But just in case Kate wants her son to have the cleanest pants in baseball and the nickname “cleanestpantsinbaseball,” we asked you to share your advice. So without further delay, we present the listener solutions to grass stained pants.

Paulina says: Best way to get a stain out is with literally boiling hot water. Boil water. Use thick rubber gloves to hold fabric taught. Have lovely assistant pour boiling water ” through” the stain.  Repeat. Living happily stain free.  Don’t burn yourself.

Mark says: My mom taught me to get grass stains out using shampoo. Just a basic shampoo works fine, no need to use expensive stuff.

Johnathan says: I use “GOOP hand cleaner”.  It is a non-toxic gel-like product. You just rub it in the stain wait a few minutes and wash with cold water, always start with cold water when trying to get rid of stains so it does not get set into the fabric.
Good luck, Kate!

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