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After our Thanksgiving episode, Patrick sent us an email suggesting a correction to our wishbone segment - the tactics we described are considered cheating by his rules.

Here’s what he says:

Gobblers Rules of Order (I made that up) dictate the rules of a proper Wishbone Challenge.

  1. The person being challenged has 1st right of first selection  (Which side of the bone)
  2. The contestants can only use their thumb and index finger to hold the bone.
  3. The bone can only be held at the very tip.
  4. After the agreed upon count down the contestants try to break the wishbone. No body contact between the contestants is allowed.  
  5. The winner is the contestant holding the portion of the bone with a complete side or a longer side.
  6. If the bone doesn’t break within 5 seconds the contest should be deferred until the bone has a chance to dry.
  7. If the bone breaks without a clear winner the contest is ruled a draw.
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