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How to correct someone gracefully, and how to mow your lawn without a lawnmower.

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How to get the most out of your root beer, insult people from ancient times and make peace with that sneezy guy on the train.

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How to predict the winter, describe the taste of bubblegum, and park your blimp safely.

Who is Sam Bebbs? 

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How to make sense of the credits at the end of a movie, doodle old school, and how companies choose the names for people in their ads.


Medieval air guitar

Every so often I show you an entertaining medieval doodle. Here is one I encountered in a French image database today. This tiny drawing on the blank last page of the book shows a figure passionately engaged in what can only be called playing air guitar. He is wearing his best silly hat and he is giving us his blankest look. It a weird image, put their by a scribe to test out his pen: an essential deed that left an amusing drawing.

Pic: Amiens, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 220 (9th century).

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What garbage smells of, and how to make yourself smell better.

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How to avoid ATM fees, what a name tastes like, and what size shirt a dinosaur would wear.

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This week we find out how changing a name can be a man’s best friend.

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Ian takes a visit to the National Ice Core Lab in Colorado, where they store those thousand-year-old ice cores they pull out of Antarctica.