If you need to know how to find a date, or how to find water in the desert,
we're here for you. No question is too big or too small.
10 plays 10 plays

This week we tell you how to make a rat laugh, throw a better breaking ball and start a fire with snacks.

558 plays 558 plays

How to avoid a bad bee sting, get back at bad Facebook posters, and look cool when you’re carrying a Trapper Keeper. 

12 plays 12 plays

How to get pumped up, survive a big flood, and eat potato chips properly. Featuring Wait Wait’s Peter Sagal, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Jeff Garlin, and Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez!

22 plays 22 plays

This week we tell you how to fool zombies, how to sneeze in the Daytona 500 and we find another reason to love fried shrimp

11 plays 11 plays

How to save money on clothes without giving up anything but your dignity, minimize the number of fights during Monopoly, and get the excellent restaurant service you don’t deserve. 

11 plays 11 plays

How to get rid of that perfume you never wear, properly call someone a nimrod, and celebrate St.Patrick’s Day Chicago style. 

19 plays 19 plays

How to properly make use of your cat, and how to make it in the NHL. Plus special guest meteorologist Paula Poundstone gives us our first ever weather report. 

409 plays 409 plays

We remember Harold Ramis by learning how the movie Groundhog Day was almost very different, John Lithgow tells us how to play it cool at the Oscars, and we help a listener find love at the gym.

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This week we tell you how to beat a spelling bee, talk to honey bees and you’ll never need a can opener again!*

*you should probably keep a can opener around just in case.

10 plays 10 plays

How to feel better about this freezing winter, and how to prevent a hijacking. Plus, something to think about when you’re smashed between two people in puffy coats on the subway. 

And if you’re playing along at home: it’s spelled Verkhoyansk.