If you need to know how to find a date, or how to find water in the desert,
we're here for you. No question is too big or too small.
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This week we tell you how to turn your beach trip into a treasure hunt and how to make the most of your sesame seeds. Plus we trick Peter Sagal into eating crickets.

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How to travel with a screaming baby, and how to keep your conversation with David Sedaris going as long as possible. 

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How to keep score at a Cubs game and find the best seat on your next flight. 

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How to get your very own bottled water past a TSA checkpoint, defend your international tennis tournament from varmints, and protect the President.

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How to make sense of a buffet, jump out of a plane, and swim like a manatee.

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We tell you the worst way to clean your chimney, how to take moment and the one thing you should be scared of this week.

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How to prepare for the World Cup, and how to tell your parents you’re getting married. Plus: the moon, the tides, and a man who wasn’t entirely happy with a recent episode of “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me.”

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How to have less fun at the beach, and how to enjoy graham crackers

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How to introduce yourself, get rid of that whale on the beach, plus the one thing you should be afraid of this week.

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The inside story on the greatest burp ever burped, how wild animals celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and more.